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What does an organic haircut do?

Updated: Jan 27

Stylists sometimes ask, what does an organic haircut do for curly hair?


As timing goes, a recent experience resulted in a story that I want to share with you-

It's mid-January here in the PNW, and we had been experiencing unusually low temperatures, high winds and an ice storm. We had already been without power a few days prior, but it was the weekend, and I was off, so I didn't mind. Then Wednesday comes around, and it’s time to return to work for the week. I was already one week in on my hair and was due to wash it, and then it happened… Broken pipes and water coming out of the ceiling downstairs! As you guessed... it stopped wash day from happening AGAIN. The roads were a sheet of ice, and we were about to be stuck at home for a few more days. This time, we were without water for several days. Basically, we were camping in our house! Once again, I didn't mind since I was warm and cozy at home.

After it all passed (it had been 11 days since last washing it), I was about to jump in the shower to finally shampoo it. While I waited for the water to warm up, I looked in the mirror and thought, WOW, after wearing hats, 45MPH winds, tending to the fireplace, cleaning up the mess from the water damage, spreading ashes on the icy sidewalk, tending to the hens in the frigid weather (did I mention they had spent a night in my art studio while the power was out and their coop didn't have heat) and sleeping on it, (it was technically day 12)... and my hair didn't look bad at all!

This, my curl friend, is what an organic haircut can do for curly hair. Whether it's been slept on, hasn't been washed for 11 days, or has hat hair, it will fall into place and can still look good no matter what life throws at you! Because of the sculpted movement created within the hair, it will fall into place day after day, and while, yes, it will be different each day, with the support of the right products, it can still look good.

Organic cutting means sculpting into it strategically, not just cutting it. Doing this opens it up, allowing the curls to be released and freed, helping them move about with ease. As the days go on and curls shift around, this movement is key for balance so curls won't end up looking boxy or bulky. They tend to just fall into place effortlessly. Literally.

THIS is what organic haircutting can do! (and I'm not mad about this look at all!)

I hope you enjoyed my crazy winter weather hair story =]


The Curlcraft sculpted curl movement is changing the perspective on cutting curly hair and helping with the way it lives, moves and behaves. Even on day 11!

Would you be upset if your curls looked like this after 11 days? I want to hear from you!


Changing perspectives on curly haircutting~

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