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Curlcraft favorite products for curls and waves

Hairstory New wash no lather cleanser for happy scalps + curls. 10% off first order
Moxie oasis hydrating primer oil free,  activates lazy curls. Use coupon code: CURLCRAFT at check out for 10% off!  
Moxie shape shifter curl cream soft, moisture retention on medium-tight curls. 10% off using code: CURLCRAFT at check out!

Oway curly potion for definition on medium to course hair.
Oway sea salt spray is a medium-hold spray that gives hair grit and texture along with UV protection and hydration.
Cult + King balm for finishing, hydration, reduce frizz and next day refresh on medium to coarse hair that tends to be dry.
O+M dry spray wax is great for separation and buildable texture for tousled looks on fine hair. Tame frizz and fly aways with this non-greasy formula.

Nutrafol for hair growth award-winning nutraceutical supplement clinically shown to improve hair growth.
Pivot Point mannequins
Harmful ingredients

Curlcraft favorite curly hair tools
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