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Curlcraft favorite products for curls and waves

Nutrafol for hair growth award-winning nutraceutical supplement clinically shown to improve hair growth.
Oway curly potion for definition on medium to course hair.
Oway sea salt spray is a medium-hold spray that gives hair grit and texture along with UV protection and hydration.
Hairstory balm for softer lived in curls and wavy hair.
Cult + King balm for finishing, hydration, reduce frizz and next day refresh on medium to coarse hair that tends to be dry.
Oway water resin for finishing, hydration, reduce frizz and next day on finer hair on hair that tends to get oily.
O+M dry spray wax is great for separation and buildable texture for tousled looks on fine hair. Tame frizz and fly aways with this non-greasy formula.

Pivot Point mannequins
Harmful ingredients

Curlcraft favorite curly hair tools
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