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student testimonials


Nicole C~

Jo has given me the knowledge I need to service curly haired guests. Her approach is to consider volume/weight/varied lengths while sculpting a custom look for each client. Stylists 'develop an eye' for the results they want. Clients, who often have grown up in households with parents who don't understand their hair, and have gone to stylists who don't understand their hair either, leave with bouncy curls and the knowledge of how to care for them.The cost: This course paid for itself after several appointments.The benefit: I am building a loyal client base in a market segment I did not service before. This pool of clients is large, and the textured-hair market is growing fast.Post course: Jo continues to praise, encourage, and educate her students. A support system is there when you need it. Clearly, I recommend Curlcraft education!


Amelia W~

"I finally got started on your Curlcraft course... and holy cow! It is wonderful. School has had me feeling locked in a box creatively, and it has been so validating and freeing to watch you do your thing and know that I can get creative and unique with my guests once outside of school. I’m only about half way through the course and I had to pause to let you know how much I am loving it!"


Noah C~

I've taken many courses, both in-person and online and none of them hold a candle to what I've learned from Jo and Curlcraft. Curly hair education is almost criminally lacking in the hairstylist world, and outside of (often misguided) YouTube, Instagram and TikTok "gurus," there are few offerings. To fill the void, Jo's course is succinct, thorough and holistic. She clearly and competently addresses every aspect of curly hair while still allowing space to allow us as artists to make our own decisions when tackling any project. I can't recommend this course enough. And Jo, thank you for all the effort you put in to the course, and by so helping the hair world.

Diane W~

I just want to share that since taking and completing this very well taught, planned out course that it has totally changed my thought, cutting and even coloring practice to a much higher and shall i say Organic type level.
In that i mean; I no longer see nor cut hair at 45 or 90 degree angles but rather to quote Jojo " where the hair lives." It has made me excited and so much more creative about my
craft that ive been doing for well on 40 years!
That says a lot! I have clients that ive been doing for almost that long saying" thats the best cut you have ever given me!"
Young, hostile teenage boys who refused to get their hair cut because no one can cut it right now beg their parents to come in every month lol!
Thank you Jojo, you truly made a huge difference for me!


Ilva L~

Since I finished the course, my clientele has grown so much that I have waiting time for 3 months ahead already! Clients come back very happy, knowing that their hairdresser knows how to deal with their hair and they know they can trust me


Shannon M~

This was really good, a bit of a different way of cutting to all the other training I've done. It was a great little course.


Andrea M~

This course has made me feel like a true artist again. I found the Curlcraft coarse to be so inspiring and helpful. It was very detail oriented and gets very specific on many different scenarios. She was great at explaining the details of cutting and styling all the different types of curly hair. Thank you so much for creating this coarse. It’s been tremendously helpful.

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