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About the Curlcraft™ creator:

Hi there, I'm Jo!

I'm a lifetime student with a collected education and a holistic curl hair sculptor.

After years of struggles with my own curly hair, I began dry cutting it myself by addressing and carving only the areas that needed it. It became a very organic process of always addressing what was need, not always the entire head. Essentially, I was cutting accordingly, not necessarily evenly. This personalization was a game-changer for me and my clients. But it wasn't until after moving and rebuilding my clientele so quickly that I realized I had something significant to offer other hairstylists. There's a great demand for curly hair specialists and a definite need for curly education in our industry. Not just on hair cutting or styling, but education that covered it all, something no one else is doing. I wanted to create a program teaching other stylists this proven formula for organic effortless curly looks that would have people talking about them, just as I had experienced.

curlcraft_course_creator_Jo_bio pic (com

(This was a blindfolded haircut! Watch on YouTube)

"A good haircut doesn't need to be  cut evenly, it's cut accordingly"

My mission as your Curly Hair Coach is to provide you with the most complete curly hair education program to eliminate any fears you may have in dealing with natural textures or elevate your existing skills. The course offers a wealth of valuable information, including things to share with your salon guests. Guest experience is a big part of this program and something curly-haired people will gladly pay for, yet it's been missing in many salons. Just watch how your business will grow!

Credentials include:

I moved cross country in 2019, starting over and leaving a clientele of 25 years. Implementing my Curlcraft™ methodology and business practices learned from my business coach, I was fully booked on my first day. And because of all of the positive things my clients were writing about their Curlcraft™ experiences:

  • I quickly grew my clientele 

  • Was fully booked by my second year +

  • Doubled my income to over 100K second year

  • Voted a finalist for best salon year one

  • Voted best stylist 2022 + 2023

                       That was when I decided to share my formula for success with other hairdressers and created the Curlcraft program. Year two had me in high demand:


  • Fully booked out for 8 weeks 

  • A constant flow of new guests 

  • Referrals and DM's

  • Was voted best hairstylist in Portland!


This was such a huge (and proud) moment for me. Everything I was putting out there was helping others, and boy did it feel good. I am now doing what I love, and helping others, AND I am making more money than I ever had in my entire career. I share it all in this program 💕

99% of my clients have curly, wavy, or natural textured hair, so I deal with curls ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. I’m thrilled that they have responded so well to my curly methods and are writing raving reviews about their Curlcraft™ experiences.

If you have plans of growing your business, and I'd love to show you how to do it! 


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