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Having spent many years in humid South Florida, my hair was never dry and my curls always danced. This was thanks to humidity and the support of a good product routine. But since moving to the Pacific Northwest, my curls have been different. Yes, the PNW is wet, but only during the rainy season. Beyond that, humidity is fairly low.

What I have discovered about low humidity is that it will make your hair DRY and your curls will drag!

If you are in Colorado, Nevada or California you know what I’m talking about. This means you will need to adjust your routine, including shampooing less and possibly getting a trim sooner than you normally might. Think about it; if low humidity and high temperatures can pull water out of our bodies and dehydrate us, isn’t the same possible for our hair? While I have found that many curly people are often over-hydrating their hair a lot of the time, this is a time when a leave in conditioner or other forms of hydration may be needed. Spraying water isn’t going to do the trick since it will just evaporate, but drinking it will definitely be helpful to your hair and skin. My go to product has become the luxurious and creamy Cult + King balm, a non-toxic product containing shea butter, which also has the ability to tame frizz. A little goes a long way with this product, and since it’s non-toxic, it can be used on skin and scalp too! In some cases a product like this can be heavy, but it may become needed during the hot and dry months. You may also want to incorporate a moisturizing shampoo and/ or heavier conditioner into your routine during the drier months.

Adjusted Low humidity routine:

  • Shampoo less (just rinse, condition and start over with styling products)

  • Use a leave in conditioner

  • Incorporate a balm

  • Drink more water

  • Get a trim

Wherever you live and whatever you choose to use to add hydration to your locks, your hair will thank you during the dry season and you will not be playing catch up and trying to reverse damage when it’s over.

Stay cool and hydrated!


Curly hair coach + Curlcraft course

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