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Contributing to Curl Magazine

Updated: Jan 22

As another way to help curly haired people everywhere, I have become a contributor to Curl Magazine. In issue #15, the discussion was low density hair, and there were many great tips offered here.

Do you struggle with low density hair?



Tip #3

As you can see in this image, I have a pretty weak hairline, which is exactly why I know how to deal with it!

After applying your product and getting curls situated where you want them, you will pick up a comb, gently slide it in along the roots, and push the hairline forward. That's it!

  • Apply styling products and "push" hairline

  • Use a lighter product so you get more fluff

  • Avoid overhydrating hair



Cheers to looking like you have more hair! Jo

Curly hair coach + Curlcraft course creator

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