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Curly Hair Specialist gets crazy idea and cuts own hair while blindfolded!

Yep, I sure did! But why?

Besides loving a good challenge, I have felt the need to prove myself as a curly hair educator to hairdressers in the industry since launching the Curlcraft course. Because unless someone takes the course, they will never know the knowledge and expertise that I have to offer. So I got this idea...

You'll have to watch it to the ends to see the final results! Who want's to be next?

You can watch the full version on the YouTube channel-




My father always said to me "When you get an idea in that head of yours..." because he knew there was no stopping me. Thanks for your interest in my journey as a curly hair educator 💕

Please share, comment, subscribe, drop an emoji, or show some LOVE over on these social networks!!! Let's see if we can make it go viral!!!!

I hope you're having a great hair day!


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