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Curlcraft curly hair specialist certification
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 a sculpted curl movement

Organic Curly Hair
Cutting Program
for Hairstylists

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Curlcraft™ Education

Curlcraft™ is helping creative and driven hairdressers around the world build the confidence and skills needed to master curly, wavy and textured hair in order to elevate their careers and grow their curly hair businesses. In this course you'll learn a unique perspective to organically cutting curls along with the blueprint that grew my business to over 100K my second year in a new city. I share all this valuable information with you that I wish had been there for me.

Curlcraft is the beauty industry's first complete curly hair specialist certification course for becoming a curl specialist. Why learn beyond just cutting? Because curly haired people have been traumatized throughout their lives, so you will need to gain their trust if you want to build lasting relationships.


Whether you are new to curly hair cutting or a seasoned stylist looking for a new approach to curls, Curlcraft has a fresh perspective to share with you!

Learn the art of organically cutting effortless lived in curls through a creative + intuitive visual approach. 

One of the biggest mistakes stylists make when cutting curly hair is treating every head the same way. The Curlcraft cutting methodology is an organic approach to sculpting hair, giving stylists the freedom to maneuver each head individually and offering an outcome that will amaze clients, and can be applied to every one of your curly, wavy, and natural textured guests. This unique adaptive method of visual cutting is different from the one size fits all mechanical approaches you may have seen before. It will teach you to think outside the box! You will learn to work with the hair’s natural movement, open up curls, and address each head according to its unique challenges, creating customized effortless haircuts that will have curls looking great day after day. Curls are not ordinary, so let's stop treating them that way!

  • The Curlcraft™ cutting methodology will teach you how to manipulate the hair to build volume or collapse it, and deal with different curl patterns within the same head. These methods will also bring out the hair's true potential to maximize the amount of curl and make the hair move. Curly hair doesn't have to be intimidating, it's really just misunderstood. Students have said the course has been life changing.


  • Styling methods for low-maintenance guests is the next part of the program. You will learn how to build or collapse volume using an easy routine that will get consistent results or change it up, along with diffusing without frizz, sleeping tips and next-day refresh advice. It's the perfect solution for your low-maintenance clients, Because no one ever requests a more complicated routine, right?

  • Imagine yourself as a referral machine and having clients talking about you~ One thing is for sure- the more you know, the more you will grow! Guest experience and business building practices are part of Curlcraft™ education offering a plan and the pathway that will help you achieve this. Aside from the cutting technique and execution, the art of a strong consultation and client education are crucial aspects of the salon visit. By teaching our curly guests this proven "guest experience" formula, they will know how to manage their hair long after their salon visit ends. They will thrive after this experience and talk about you. Most curly-haired people will gladly pay for this, yet it has been a missing element for far too long, and keep in mind that just two haircuts can pay for this course.

65% of the population has curly, wavy, or textured hair and need our help.

That's a lot of business you are probably missing out on.


Learn the secrets to getting results that will satisfy + magnetically attract curly haired clients!

Curlcraft certification course offers:

  • Creative + adaptable visual approach to cutting + styling effortless curls

  • Self-paced online education covering all aspects of curl hair

  • Learn how to build volume or collapse it for versatility 

  • Eliminate any fears you may have when working with curly hair

  • Build your knowledge, skills and confidence in order to deliver every time

  • Product choices + application for success at home

  • Behind the chair real life situations 

  • Ultimate guest experience to open communication + build trust

  • Business building blueprint + materials for business growth

  • Downloadable PDF handbook

  • We've partnered with Pivot Point for discounted mannequins

  • Client discount on Curlcrafting @Home eCourse

  • Certificate of completion

  • Facebook community to ask questions and get support

  • Listing in the stylist locator (did you know that curly hair specialist near me is searched thousands of times EVERY DAY?)

Join the elite group of stylists who never stop learning. If you struggle with regimented, structured, mechanical haircutting or just love to learn, then this course is the perfect fit!

This in depth course is for you if you are:
       Wanting to gain skills and confidence with curly hair
      ✓   Wanting to learn a fresh, creative approach to haircutting
      ✓   Wanting to Master Curly Hair and nail it every time
      ✓   Struggling with regimented, structured, or mechanical haircutting
      ✓   Wanting to grow your Curly Haired Clientele
      ✓   Wanting to learn the Ultimate Guest Experience to gain loyalty
      ✓   Wanting to build a referral machine
      ✓   Or grow your business, then Curlcraft has got you covered! 

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