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Curlcraft Education: Learn the art of cutting and managing curly hair.

Greetings from Curlcraft™ Education!

The Curlcraft sculpted curl movement is a modern approach to curly hair for those guests who want effortless hair that looks great day after day. It is not a haircut nor is it precision haircutting. It is a unique adaptive method of visual and intuitive cutting, working with the hairs natural movement to create a customized haircut. The great thing is that it can be applied to for every one of your curly, wavy and natural textured guests. Curls are not ordinary, so don't treat them that way!

The Curlcraft styling methodology will teach you how to build volume or collapse it, and how to get versatility with the same haircut. Learn the methods that can lead to a steady stream of new guest today!

The Curlcraft programs offered:

  • The Complete Curly Hair Course Bundle with Certification

  • Styling + the Ultimate Guest Experience

  • Sculpted Curl Movement Cutting Method

  • Advanced Cutting, Bangs + Bleaching

  • Strictly Bangs

  • Curlcrafting at home© eBook

The Curlcraft course is for hairdressers who want to elevate your career, grow your business and make more money. Become a part of the elite group of hairdressers who never stop learning.

online curly hair education course program class for hairdressers

Get results that
will satisfy your guests EVERY TIME!



About the Curlcraft creator:

Jo is a hairdresser of 35 years, and curly hair specialist working behind the chair (as Haircraft by Jo) in Portland Oregon. She built a solid clientele there in less than 2 years using the trademarked Curlcraft cutting method along with the ultimate guest experience and shares how she got there in the course. I was also a Ouidad educator in the Miami area for 3 years.

“I love learning and have always attended advanced education classes and courses, both online and in person throughout my entire career. 98% of my clients have curly, wavy, or natural textured hair, and I’m thrilled that they are writing raving reviews about it all"! You can check out those reviews HERE

If you are intimidated by curly hair and wanting to learn more to grow your curly hair business, Curlcraft has got you covered!

Launched in 2021, Curlcraft Education is helping hairdressers build confidence and skills in curly and wavy hair, along with teaching how to provide the ultimate guest experience that will have people referring friends and keep them coming back!


My mission as your Curly Hair Coach is to provide you with the most complete curly hair education program to eliminate any fears you may have in dealing with natural textures, to arm you with tons of information, including things to share with your salon guests, or elevate your existing skills. Guest experience is a big part of this program. It's something that curly haired people will gladly pay for, and yet it's something that is missing is missing in most salons. Just watch how your business will grow!

I'll share all of the techniques and process that got me fully booked in less than 2 years! Since just a few of these specialized haircuts will pay for this course, so how can you afford not to invest in your business? 

If you are wanting to gain a thorough understanding of curly hair and a fresh new modern perspective to creative cutting and styling that will grow your businessthen welcome to Curlcraft Education!

The ONLY course that covers ALL aspects of curly hair!

online curly haircutting course class certification for hairdressers salon education

Learn how to create loyalty and gain referrals through
the guest experience

Give Curlcraft 7 hours of your time and you will walk away with a full understanding of managing curly and wavy hair!

Frequently Asked Questions~

  • How is Curlcraft different than the other courses out there? The Curlcraft Complete Course covers ALL aspects of curly hair, which no other course offers! We also cover the guest experience in depth and the process of educating them, which I believe has been missing in the curly world. Curlcraft is a modern creative approach to cutting curls that is very adaptable, and the course is priced lower than most certification courses available.

  • Is Curlcraft cutting for all curl types? Yes, it is adaptable and can be applied to all hair types as long as you are cutting the correct way.

  • Will this cause frizz? No. Frizz is caused by cutting incorrectly, lack of product or over manipulating the hair.​

  • Is Curlcraft a form of thinning the hair? Technically, any form of layering is considered thinning, but done properly, it can also be used to build volume as well.

  • Will Curlcrafting work on fine hair? Yes, the Curlcraft method is adaptable, so you modify of how much you are cutting and where you are taking it from.

  • Will it work on straight hair? Yes it can, but may not be necessary.

  • Does Curlcrafting work for men? Yes, this method is good for anyone wanting to embrace or enhance their natural texture.​

  • How much time do you book for this? I book between 1 to 1 3/4 hours for new guests, then 45- 60 minutes for reshaping existing guests.​

  • How much do you charge for this cut? This will vary depending on your location, but charge accordingly for your time as a curl expert. People will pay for your knowledge.

  • How often do clients need a recut? This will vary from person to person depending on their needs, lifestyle and ability to deal with it as it grows. My experience is anywhere from 8 weeks on shorter hair and sometimes up to 9 months for long hair.

  • How do I retouch this cut? We go over this in one of the modules.

  • Do you ever cut curly hair wet? I cut dry 95% of the time, but sometimes under certain circumstances I will wet cut, and I will do more detailing and finishing touches once dry.

  • How long do I have access to this program? All Curlcraft courses have 1 year access from date of purchase.


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Here's what my clients + stylists are saying about the Curlcraft method~
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Where do you stand as a Curly Hair Stylist?



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