Andrea M~

"I can't wait to get sculpting. I feel like an artist again."


"Thanks to the Curlcraft course, I can confidently work on curly hair. The course is well organized. The lessons are subsumed under topic modules, making the information easier to understand and remember. The text (with diagrams) is easy to read. The videos are enjoyable: I felt as though I were hanging out with Jo in her salon studio, and she has a very relaxed demeanor. Her focus is on helping us give our clients sculpted styles that are easy to care for, so the method involves a lot of manipulation of the hair and communication with the client (checking in if they like what their hair is doing, explaining why I choose to cut this curl but not that one, etc.) This attention to the client helps build trust and makes for a more pleasant experience all around. (My understanding is many curly clients have felt in their past that haircuts have been done to them rather than for them.) I think all stylists can benefit from this course." 

Dina W~

"Very clear and concise. Game changer!"

Amelia W~

"I finally got started on your Curlcraft course... and holy cow! It is wonderful. School has had me feeling locked in a box creatively, and it has been so validating and freeing to watch you do your thing and know that I can get creative and unique with my guests once outside of school. I’m only about half way through the course and I had to pause to let you know how much I am loving it! "


"I just felt like emailing you today to tell you I cannot believe it has been 6 months since my first hair cut with you and it still looks amazing every day.  It continues to have that perfect balance of length and volume at every stage of outgrowth and I just want to thank you for knowing what you are doing.  I have never loved a hair cut so much in my life."



"All those other 5-star reviews you see here: ditto. What they all said totally corresponds to my experience.
Lots of people can cut hair, but few of them are sculptors whose medium is hair. Jo is one of those, and she's very, very good at what she does (actually, her creative artistry extends to other media too) -- plus she also happens to be one of the most hospitable, fun, and straightforward individuals anyone could ever wish to meet.
Bottom line: If you have the ability (prices aren't cheap, but they're worth it) and would like to treat yourself (or someone else you know and love) to a hairstyle that's unique to you and bursting with swagger, you've got to see Jo. You'll be glad you did!"

FrankLeeMadear on Reddit~

"Can't say enough good things about Jo in Sellwood. She changed my life!"

Molly RH~

"I don't typically go to salons to get my haircut because I've had so many bad experiences but I'm really glad I made the decision to get my hair cut by Jo! She really listened to what I wanted to do with my hair and even managed to get some wavy curls in my (otherwise straight) hair using her Curlcraft method. I adore my new hairstyle and highly recommend Jo!"


Claira C~

"I traveled nearly 300 miles to see Jo and it was well worth the drive! She is an expert in her field, professional and highly knowledgeable. Great choice for a new hairdo."


Milo D~

" I don't want to be dramatic but meeting Jo was nothing short of life changing for me! I recommend Jo to everyone I meet. I struggled with learning how to tame my curls and Jo helped me feel so much more secure in the way my hair falls- and how that’s unique and special to me! She’s dedicated to teaching and informing and she makes her clients feel so comfortable in her care!"

Michelle T~

"I have never loved my hair so much. It has looked cute every day even after days and days in bed recovering from surgery. Having cute hair has been so good for my spirit- when I felt crummy, I would just say, "but look at your great hair!" Now I am feeling good and starting to go out I am loving it more!! Jo rules. She knows how to get the most out of what you’ve got."

Carol M~

" Jo is a miracle worker!!! She understands how to cut curly hair like no one else I have ever found! My brothers always told me I was having a bad hair LIFE, and at 40, I was starting to believe them, having received one bad haircut after another. But ever since I found Jo, I have nothing but good hair days!!!! Go see her, you won't regret it."


Amy B~

" I have known Jojo now for 14 years .... exceptional human being first and foremost... which is followed by exceptional hairstylist... everyone in Jo’s Eye is a piece of art and deserves their own style... no 2 looks are alike! I will miss her doing my hair ... but I will especially miss her... she is one of a kind ... and She will not disappoint.. Oregon just lucked out. ( and did I mention I’m a fellow stylist and you all know how picky we are)"


Eric T~
"I've been getting my hair cut for 46 years and have finally found a true master of their craft. I have long curly hair and it can be extremely difficult to manage in our environment. After having a consultation, I felt Jo had truly understood my concerns and after the haircut, I looked in the mirror and knew immediately that this was a very special cut. She took out volume where needed and seemed to have custom tailored each individual strain of curls. My hair is much easier to manage and looks the best it has ever looked.  Jo's experience and love for her craft means she cares and has passion for her guest/clients concerns. This is why she is the best stylist I have ever had. 
Thank you, Jo! " 


Erika C~
"WOW! I don't even know where to start..so, I've never had a Ouidad haircut ever in my life..so did my research and came across this salon and I am beyond glad and happy that I did.
First, Jo my hairstylist is AMAZING! She is so sweet, knowledgeable, professional and very detailed.. she explained everything and even gave me tips and tricks that I could do at home..
Thank you so much Jo.. you have made me love my curls even more."


Heather L~ 

"I don’t really post many selfies but today that will change. Today I’m in my most authentic place with not a drop of makeup on my face and a hair cut that has truly changed my life for the better! 
When I met with @haircraft_by_jo yesterday, she provided something more than just a cut, she gave me the confidence in my natural hair that society had oppressed all of my life by telling us that straight flawless hair is what we SHOULD have. So thank you Jo for helping me start this new chapter of my journey with your positive energy and newly found love for my curls." 

Amber G~

" My experience with Jo was amazing. As soon as I walked in, Jo greeted me and introduced herself.  She took me to her chair and listened to me as I discussed the  issues with my hair. (so patient)  Jo had some great ideas. She suggested starting the haircut with the dry cut and finished it off with the Ouidad cut. I felt one hundred percent comfortable sitting in her chair and letting her do her thing. Once she finished my haircut, she talked about the different styling products as she diffused and styled my hair.  It was actually the first time I had a haircut and style and went about my entire day without redoing my hair.  She was awesome!  I just made an appointment for color.  Can't wait."

Liat S~
"I absolutely loved going to Jo! It was my first time and I was nervous because I have unruly curly hair that most stylists either don't know what to do with or don't do anything dynamic with. Jo was absolutely fantastic! We talked about what I wanted and even though I hadn't had a clear idea, Jo immediately had some suggestions. Honestly it was the best haircut I've ever had, I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a great curly hair stylist!!"

Jasmine R~
"I found Jo searching on Yelp for curly hair salons. I trusted my fellow Yelpers and they did not let me down.  I walked in and was greeted right away.  When I sat in Jo's chair, I explained to her that I wanted highlights on my naturally curly hair.  I also told her I hadn't put bleach in my hair in over a year, because I didn't want to damage it. She was very honest and told me if she gave me the highlight color I desired, it would compromise my curl and make it somewhat limp. She gave me some suggestions to get close to my desired color, without comprising my curls and causing damage. I was so happy with my results. She gave me a beautiful color and partial highlight. She also gave me an Olaplex treatment and styled my curls to perfection. We talked about curls the entire time and she gave me amazing tips (and a couple of Ouidad samples too!). I will definitely be back for my next cut and color touch up. 
I can't recommend her enough, it was a great experience and my hair loved it!"


Cindy C~

" First time here and will definitely return! Jo was amazing! Very friendly, informative and did an awesome job cutting and styling my unruly curly hair. She taught me how to style and maintain my hair. The salon overall is very welcoming. Definitely recommend coming here and seeing Jo if you need a haircut!"

Linda T~
"A friend recommended Jo and then I did my own research on her and found some really great reviews, so I thought why not. My hair is very curly and has always been a struggle. I got the dry curly hair cut and I couldn't be happier. My hair looks healthy, it has a great shape and I am loving it!. One of my best haircuts ever! On top of giving a great cut, Jo is very sweet and personable. Thanks, Jo!!"