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Why I choose to cut hair dry~

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Looser mindset + looser hand

Dry cutting is a very visual exercise for a hairdresser. I have the ability to see density and weight, and where it collapses. I can also read the natural texture and have a better gauge when cutting along the natural movement.

Hair is a fabric. And like any fabric, it is very different when wet than dry. While wet it gathers together and is compact, and when dry it expands and separates. It is also more elastic and stretches while wet. Because of these factors, I can be more aware of density when dry and can really see where weight needs to be released. Does that make sense?

It also works well on fragile thinning hair since wet cutting typically uses more tension and can stress hair like this.

Bonus: there are fewer surprises! No spring or shrinkage, no gaps or holes, and you can read the length better. That makes it great for curly hair and working with the hairs natural movement as I typically prefer to do.

Dry cutting does dull my shears quicker, but I absolutely feel it’s worth it!

So to sum it up; dry hair cutting is 100% tailored and customize-able for the texture I am working with and the weight I want to remove. Now doesn’t that sound ideal?

I hope you're having a great hair day! Jo

Curly hair coach + Curlcraft creator

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