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Why are so many curly haired people cutting their own hair?

Updated: Aug 15, 2022


One of the questions I ask every new guest is; why are you seeking a new stylist? I think this is sooo important for hairdressers to know so that we don't make the same mistakes! Aside from," I’m new to the area" or "my stylist moved away", far too many say: “I haven’t found a stylist who understands my curly hair”. Followed by "I've just been trimming it myself".

Now don't get me wrong, I CUT MY OWN HAIR, but..... I'm a hairdresser! So this response, to me, is just so damn sad. Yet, I can totally relate!

I was that kid with terrible haircuts that I didn’t ask for, and puffy frizzy hair that no one told me how to control, but that was YEARS ago. The fact that clients today still feel that they can do a better job than a hairdresser says something about our industry. Sadly, the beauty industry hasn’t progressed as much as it could have when it comes to curly hair education. True, we have WAY more product options than EVER, and video tutorials are popping up teaching styling routines, but there still lacks the understanding and in-salon education that many stylists really need in order to overcome their fears or intimidation, and to truly gain an understanding of curly hair. I have experienced first hand that most curly people will pay ANYTHING for a great haircut, so this is truly an untapped market. Crazy, huh?

When I was preparing for my cross country move to Portland the end of 2018, I had first done my research, so I knew that I would do ok since there was a the lack of curly hair specialists. Little did I know that my business would explode when I got there. But it wasn’t until I began getting review after review from my clients mentioning how much they learned from me, and that their hair was so easy to manage and looked great on day 1, 2, EVEN 3 that I realized that I was on to something with my methods (both cutting, styling, and guest experience), and that I had something to offer to the hair industry.

Yes, curly hair is a different BEAST, but it can be tamed! You just have to understand it and treat it differently. I believe that no one should have to struggle the way I did, and I want to help EVERY CURLY PERSON OUT THERE. But the only way I can possibly do that is through their hairdressers. This is how Curlcraft education came about. I have always loved to learn new things, (and apparently, I teach well too), so why not create a program that walks hairdressers through my entire process? So, I did just that!


According to business coaches I have work with; along with skills and knowledge, guest experience is a MUST moving forward in our industry. With so many hairdressers in town, a good haircut alone just won't cut it anymore. In order to be in the top percentage, we must provide the BEST POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE in order to stand out. And a big part of this is educating every person who sits in your chair, especially your curly guests who are at a loss as to what their at home routine should be. We must offer VALUE, and we MUST be knowledgeable so that we can deliver the results our curly clients are seeking.

The more we know as stylists, the better we can serve our guests, resulting in loyalty, great reviews, a steady stream of new guests to grow your clientele, making you more money, and building a curly haired society with FREAKIN' AMAZING HAIR! Loyalty is driven by delivering results, and that happens through continuing education. We should never stop learning or gathering information and perspectives. It's a great way for us to stay well rounded and informed, and to deliver top notch results that have people talking. And because many curly haired people have been traumatized at some point or another, they will remain loyal when they find "the hairstylist who gets their hair".

I don’t think curly hair is a trend, I believe it’s here to stay. Curly haired people have gained back hours of their time by not straightening anymore, and many will never go back. I’m excited to help build on the curly education that's available in our industry and help as many people as I can. So to my fellow hairdressers, together, let’s put an end to at home haircutting💕

I hope you’re having a great hair day! Jo

Curly hair coach + Curlcraft course creator


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