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About the Curlcraft™ creator:

Hi there, I'm Jo!

After years of struggles with my own curly hair, I began dry cutting it myself years ago by addressing and carving only the areas that needed it. This personalization was a gamer changer for me, and eventually for my clients. But it wasn't until after moving and rebuilding my clientele so quickly that I realized I had something significant to offer other hairstylists. There is a huge demand for curly hair specialists and a definite need for curly education in our industry. Not just on hair cutting or styling, but education that covered it all, which is something no one else is doing. I wanted to create a program teaching other stylists this proven formula for organic effortless curly looks that would have people talking about them, just as I had experienced.

curlcraft_course_creator_Jo_bio pic (com

(This was a blindfolded haircut! Watch on YouTube)

Her credentials include:

I moved cross country in 2019 starting over after having a clientele of 25 years in S Florida. Implementing the Curlcraft™ methodology along with business practices I learned from my business coach Britt Seva, I was completely booked on my first day. And because all of the positive things my clients were writing about their Curlcraft™ experiences:

  • I quickly grew my clientele 

  • Was fully booked by my second year 

  • Doubled my income second year

  • Was voted a finalist for best salon!

                       That was when I decided to share my formula for success with other hairdressers and created the Curlcraft program. Year three had me in high demand:


  • Fully booked out for 8 weeks 

  • A constant flow of new guests 

  • Referrals and DM's

  • Was voted best hairstylist in Portland!


This was such a huge (and proud) moment for me. Everything I was putting out there was helping others, and boy did it feel good. I am now doing what I love, and helping others, AND I making more money than I ever had in my entire career 💕

Currently 99% of my clients have curly, wavy, or natural textured hair, so I deal with curls ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. I’m thrilled that they have responded so well to my curly methods and are writing raving reviews about their Curlcraft™ experiences.

If you have plans to grow, and I'd love to show you how to do it! 


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