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The Curlcraft sculpted curl movement was created to teach hairdressers a modern and adaptive visual approach to cutting and styling curly hair, for those who want effortless hair that looks great day after day.


Although you're not a hairdresser, you are clearing looking for advice. and Curlcraft would love to help you!

One of the things that has really helped my clients establish a good routine is the Curlcrafting @Home eBook. This was created to help assist with developing an easy at home routine that works to help you get consistent results that work for YOU, and to also teach you how you can change up your look based on your routine. No more twisting and finger coiling or Denman brush that takes so much effort.

The Curlcraft styling methodology teaches you how to build volume or collapse it, and how to get versatility with the same haircut. Learn the methods that can lead to great hair days EVERY DAY!

The Curlcrafting @Home eBook offers guidance on:

  • Washing + rinsing

  • Styling products + application

  • Styling to create or reduce volume

  • Diffusing

  • Finishing (this advice is a GAME CHANGER!)

  • Sleeping + next day refresh (HUGE)

  • Harmful ingredients

  • Bangs

  • Brushing + scalp health

A good routine is important for maintaining your curls in your daily life, but great hair really begins with a great haircut. There is a right way and a wrong way to cut curls, and Curlcraft is working to educate hairdressers everywhere on these methods. Ask your stylist about a Curlcraft haircut, or you can check the stylist locator.

If you are in the Portland Oregon area, you are welcome to schedule a haircut with Jo HERE

Virtual styling sessions are also available if you are interested.


About the Curlcraft creator:

Jo is a hairdresser of over 35 years, and curly hair specialist working behind the chair (as Haircraft by Jo) in Portland Oregon, and she has curly hair herself. Her trademarked Curlcraft cutting method and the Curlcrafting @Home eBook were created to help others overcome their obstacles with their own curly hair. 

Her credentials include:

“I love learning and have always attended advanced education classes and courses, both online and in person throughout my entire career. I was that kid who HATED my hair, and after years of struggles with my own curly hair, I began dry cutting it years ago addressing and carving only the areas that needed it. This was a gamer changer for me. After building my clientele so quickly after moving to Portland, I realized that there was a huge demand for curly hair specialists in the world, and a definite need for curly education for stylists. Not just on cutting, or styling, but something that covered it all. And so, I created Curlcraft education. My goal is to help curly haired people everywhere through their hairdressers!

98% of my clients have curly, wavy, or natural textured hair, so I deal with curls ALL DAY EVERY DAY. I’m thrilled that they have responded so well to my curly methods and are writing raving reviews about their Curlcraft experiences!"

Know a hairdresser who might be interested in learning more about working with curly hair? Share Curlcraft Education details with them!

Frequently Asked Questions~

  • How is Curlcraft different than the other cutting methods out there? The Curlcraft cutting method is visual, and done on dry hair, so each head and curl type is addressed differently, giving a custom haircut specific to YOUR hair. It can create volume or reduce it.

  • Is Curlcraft cutting for all curl types? Yes, it is adaptable and can be applied to all hair types as long as you are cutting the curls the correct way.

  • Is Curlcraft a form of thinning the hair? Technically, any form of layering is considered thinning, but done properly, it can also be used to build volume as well.

  • Will this cause frizz? No. Frizz is caused by cutting incorrectly, lack of product or over manipulating the hair.​

  • Will Curlcrafting work on my fine hair? Yes, the Curlcraft method is adaptable, so you can modify how much you are cutting and where you are taking it from!

  • Will it work on my straight hair? Yes it can, but may not be necessary.

  • Does Curlcrafting work for men? Yes, this method is good for anyone wanting to embrace or enhance their natural texture.​

  • Do you ever cut curly hair wet? I cut dry 95% of the time, but sometimes under certain circumstances I will wet cut, and then will do more detailing and finishing touches once dry.


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